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Hyde and Seek

Project: Creche
Size: 450 m²
Location: Glasnevin, Dublin
Status: On-site
Architects: Urban Agency Dublin
Client: Hyde and Seek Childcare

Estimating completion date September 2017

We are excited to announce that work has commenced on-site for the construction of a contemporary 450sqm creche on the Finglas Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11. We are currently clearing the site, protecting the site boundaries and preparing to commence construction. 

The building is placed at the centre of an awkward site, creating 3 gardens of various scale at the corners, serving as open spaces for the respective age groups in the creche.

The building is organised as a series of 4 small oval volumes that accommodate the various age groups, administration and ancillary services. A large circular roof caps and unifies the building overall, also serving as an external playground at first-floor level and providing a covered multipurpose space at ground-floor level, which acts as an entrance foyer, event space, dining hall, play area, etc.

The roof playground is designed with a full storey (3 meter) high parapet all around, punctuated with carefully placed windows serving as windscreens, while allowing for a future extension to the creche to be inserted without altering the elevations or appearance of the building. The building and the site boundary wall are finished with red terracotta concrete panels to maintain a visual and architectural dialogue with the surrounding red-brick buildings.

The estimated time scale for the project is 12 months


Images by Urban Agency Dublin

Photos by Andy Sheridan

Principal Construction